Critter Milton

Much of my life has been spent skiing, hiking, and exploring our incredible planet. Unique education and experience has instilled a complex understanding of the world we inhabit. I enjoy smiling along a trail, scrambling across a ridgeline, skiing laps at A-Basin or in the backcountry, and relaxing in the many hot springs sprinkled around our beautiful state.

Through my career as a financial advisor, I nurtured a broad understanding and enjoyed helping clients immensely. Since high level advice is only affordable for the wealthy, I now strive to leverage my knowledge and experience for the benefit of all people regardless of assets or any other discriminating classifications.

As a moderate democrat, I am socially liberal and fiscally conservative. Our founding fathers aspired to incredible ideals of freedom and justice for all, but our system of career politicians has been corrupted and polarized by excessive capital. We must remove money from politics by implementing term limits and shortenithe length of campaigns.

We are at a crossroads and it is essential that we advance common goals, rather than dividing based on differences.

Let it snow,

Critter Milton

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